Guide Facing the Frozen Ocean: One Mans Dream to Lead a Team Across the Treacherous North Atlantic

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Even as huge a Bear Grylls fan as I am, I was still happy when it was over. A bit meandering But then again, it IS a memoir and you're allowed those types of liberties in what is essentially your diary mass marketed for public consumption. I'm not sorry I read it and I did read the entire book but I'm happy to be moving on. If I had to rank it with other adventure books, I'd put Alive!

I'll give it a 3-star here but in my heart of hearts it's probably more a 2er. Dec 28, Catherine rated it it was amazing. As an ardent fan of Man vs. Wild, how could I NOT read this book? I couldn't put it down! The things that Mother Nature put in front of Bear and his crew stressed me to the point that if I didn't already know that he survived, I don't know if I could finished the book. I don't know how he survived I suppose by the grace of God and the seat of his pants. Great read for those who like adventure and the Great Outdoors.

Jan 04, Dave rated it it was amazing. Bear Grylls is my hero. This is the 2nd book of his that I have read and I flew through it. Extremely well-written. He really makes you feel like you're there with him experiencing the emotions of a violent storm at sea. Why this guy does stuff like this is beyond me, but I'm glad he does because I get to experience it through his books without having to actually be there. Highly recommended book. Sep 04, Bill rated it liked it. I love "Man vs.

Everest Mountaineer, Author and Motivational Speaker

Bear Grylls says it's ok to be lost: as long as you know how to get water from elephant dung; This book predates M vs. W by about 5 years. This is a autobiographical account of his trans-arctic journey in a raft Bear waxes poetic as he and his crew battle rough seas that destroy ships triple his boat's size. A must read read for manly survival freaks Mar 06, Vicky rated it liked it. A little bit of research for my own expedition.

An honest and readable account by Grylls of his team's crossing of the North Atlantic in a RIB, that is, an open inflatable powerboat. Encountering massive seas and storm conditions in remote areas, the crew come close to disaster on a couple of occasions, testing their resolve to the limit. Oct 10, Ginni Brinkley rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-daily-deal.

I read this almost straight after 'Facing up' and liked it even more. Bear and his friends clearly went through a dreadful ordeal in the freezing seas around the Arctic, which was described in great detail. I found myself even more taken up in this one than in the narration of Bear's climb up Everest. I also really appreciated the times Bear talked about his faith. Loved it. Jan 21, Paul Clarkson rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Not in the 'traditional' leadership style but in a reflective and thought provoking way. Nov 11, Bradley rated it liked it Shelves: exploration , water , polar-regions.

It would be a mistake too muddle up Bear Grylls the TV product with the author of this book. A much more considered and thoughtful man comes across on the written page than does the one squeezing water out of elephant faeces on the TV. As long as you don't ask yourself "why bother" this is an interesting adventure yarn. Jan 03, Ruchir Pathak rated it really liked it.

And instantly I bought it. The essence of adventure is intact, no drama only reality.

438 Days: A True Survival at Sea

The survival story and book also contains some colored images of the voyage. Read it if you haven't. Aug 11, Samar Kenkre rated it really liked it. Kept me fixed to my bed for 3 days straight. An interesting account of Bear Grylls and his team as they take on a north atlantic crossing in an open boat. Dec 08, Ragini rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Right from page one we feel like we are a part of the mission. Thanks for sharing this experience. No doubt the mission was dangerous bit it was equally rewarding!

Aug 26, Manjunath MC rated it it was amazing. Fantastic narration of the thrilling journey.

Colin O'Brady and Lou Rud attempt first solo, unaided Antarctica crossing

Aug 18, Sophie Brooker rated it really liked it Shelves: read Another epic journey by Bear. Oct 08, Jmurray rated it it was amazing. Bear Grylls is awesome. No Shortcuts to the Top. Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow. Maria Coffey. Bear Grylls: Ghost Flight.

High Crimes. Michael Kodas.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. Ranulph Fiennes. Maurice Herzog. Savage Summit. Jennifer Jordan. The White Spider. Heinrich Harrer. Burning Angels. Tony Barnes. The Blackpool Rock. Steve Sinclair. Left for Dead. Beck Weathers. Half Way Home. Hugh Howey.

Vicious Circle. Wilbur Smith. Those in Peril. The Climb. Anatoli Boukreev. The Delta Solution. Patrick Robinson. The Boys of Everest. Clint Willis. Into Thin Air. Jon Krakauer. Shout at the Devil. Stuka Pilot.

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Hans Ulrich Rudel. An Unsung Hero. Michael Smith.

Facing the Frozen Ocean : One Man's Dream to Lead a Team across the Treacherous North Atlantic

The Diamond Hunters. Alex Ferguson. Chris Allen.