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Food intended for the premiere party was being donated to local American Red Cross shelters that were housing fire evacuees, Paramount Pictures said. Prosecutors alleged Simpson killed the pair at her Brentwood home and then fled to his nearby mansion. Simpson was acquitted of murder but later found liable for the deaths in a civil case.

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Fleeing The Dark Side English. In his closing arguments, Batchelor claimed that he had not attempted to flee, as there was no.

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There was a very large French population in the English capital, including numerous criminals on the lam. Matt said The Dark Side is a song that contains 'angry lyrics' and has the common Muse themes about technology, trying to escape of your anxieties or from a some kind of matrix. Lyrics for The Dark Side by Muse.

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A murder in Damascus, a love with the power to save a young man's life. In his latest novel, Rafik Schami ventures to the land of his childhood, where he is now unable to safely return: Syria. As a young girl, Sophia falls deeply in love with Karim, but weds a rich goldsmith instead.

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A few years later, Karim is accused of an assassination he did not commit and Sophia saves his life. He promises that she will forever have his loyalty, no matter the risk to himself. Long after the incident is buried in memory, Sophia's only son, Salman, returns to Damascus after forty years of exile in Italy; when his photo appears in the newspaper, he is forced into hiding and fears for his life.

Remembering Karim's promise, Sophia decides to call on him for help in spite of the many years that have passed, and the lost opportunity of their once-consuming passion. Set during the tumultuous years leading up to the Arab Spring, Sophia delivers the intricate plotting and lyrical prose that Schami's readers expect, and reveals the power of love to overcome all barriers of time and circumstance.

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Rafik Schami was born in Damascus in , went to Germany in to study, and stayed on to become a leading German novelist and a pivotal figure in the European migrant literature movement. His novels have been translated into 22 languages and have received numerous international literary awards including the Hermann Hesse Prize.

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At once a page-turning thriller, an illuminating insight into Syrian society and politics, and an all-encompassing tale of loyalty and treachery, Sophia is a novel of great scope and depth from a consummate writer.