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Chopin also became a popular piano teacher. The next day, Chopin and Hiller travelled down the Rhine to Koblenz, while Mendelssohn accompanied them to Cologne, where they toured churches. Chopin spent the beginning of summer in the Enghien health resort outside of Paris, near Montmorency.

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Niemcewicz, whom Chopin liked to visit, resided there. From there, it was close to St. Gratien, where marquis Astolphe de Custine, for whom Chopin often played, had a castle. Having learned that his parents were going to visit Karlsbad, he quickly made the decision to go and see them. He spent three joyful weeks with them. Chopin spent a lot of time with Maria in Dresden, they played and talked together, and he eventually fell in love with her and promised to visit again the next year.

Later, he went o Leipzig, where he and Mendelssohn played their respective compositions to one another. She gave a beautiful performance, which included two etudes by Chopin. On the way, he also stopped in Heidelberg, where he visited the family of his student, Adolf Gutman. After returning to Paris in October, he fell very ill, however by December he was better and co-organised a fundraising market for Polish immigrants.

Chopin took part in charity concerts, especially those which supported Poles. Later he went to Leipzig, when he met with Schumann to whom he played his compositions and with Clara Wieck. At that time, Chopin was already writing new mazurkas and nocturnes. In February , he was invited to the Tuileries palace, where he played and improvised in front of the royal family.

In the autumn of , he followed her and her children — Maurice and Solange — to Mallorca. George Sand nursed him with devotion.

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In spite of such a grave physical crisis, Chopin sent his Polonaises Op. From early January on, he was able to use a piano sent by Pleyel, however on 13 th May, he left Mallorca in a rush. Chopin wrote a new piece — Sonata in B minor. Before going to Mallorca, Chopin changed apartments in Paris several times. In autumn, upon returning from Mallorca and Nohant, he moved in to 5 rue Tronchet, while George Sand and her children lived at 16 rue Pigalle, where Chopin moved in in early November and stayed there until September The longest period he rented an apartment was from August to the end of May There were many authors, musicians, and artists living on that green square surrounded by houses.

It began with their respective solo performances. In , Chopin published his compositions written in Mallorca and Nohant Op. It made a huge impression on him. The concert became a major cultural event in Paris. Chopin returned to Nohant in , to spend the summer there.

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He also created sketches for the first part of the piano concerto, which he had intended to compose in early 30s, and published them as Allegro de c oncert Op. On 20 th October, he completed Fantasy Op. A part of the Polish circles was at the time leaning towards the Tovianist movement — an obsessive ideology of Polish messianism — which Chopin was very upset about.

On 2 nd December, he gave another performance at the royal court in Tuileries, and on 21 st February, , he played in the Pleyel Hall. He performed with other artists — Pauline Viardot and Franchomme.

He played Andante spian ato , Ballad e in A-flat major , three etudes from Op. Once again, he met with great ovation and admiration. Chopin left for Nohant already in May, and met there with Delacroix, who liked and valued him greatly.

He again spent the summer in Nohant, where Viardots came with their daughter Louisette. Chopin and George Sand went on plenty of walks, rode donkeys together, they also went on a trip along the Creuze River towards the ruins of the castle in Crozant. He composed Nocturnes Op.

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  • Chopin saw his sister, who best understood his longing and sorrows. That year brought about Berceuse and Sonata in B minor.

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    In the first months of , his health condition declined, however he attended parties as soon as he was feeling better. He spent the summer months of in Nohant, where he composed Mazurkas Op. In November , he left Nohant and never returned again. Chopin played a nocturne, Barcarolle , several etudes, Berceuse , selected preludes, mazurkas, and waltzes. Unfortunately, the queen did not invite him to play at her court.

    Sadly, the climate did not help him. He was so weak that he needed to be carried up the stairs. On 28 th August, he played in Manchester, in front of a massive audience 1, people , one of his ballads, Berceuse , and other compositions on a Broadwood piano. The orchestra played overtures by Beethoven, Weber, and Rossini, and there were also singers featured in the concert. On 27 th September, he gave a concert in Glasgow, which included one of his ballads, Berceuse , Andante spianato , Impromptu in F-flat major , selected etudes, preludes, Nocturnes Op.

    Gulietta Adelasio sang at the concert. A week later, he performed a similar repertoire in Edinburgh. On 16 th November, after his return to London, despite a physical and spiritual exhaustion, he took part in a charity concert for Polish immigrants. He played very quietly, while the ball preparations were underway in a neighbouring room. The concert was attended by a group of engaged listeners, however after one hour Chopin needed to lie down in bed.

    He was utterly weak. He tried to go back to composing, but he struggled with it. He wrote lyrical miniatures and mazurkas: in G minor and in F minor , and Nocturne in F minor which were published posthumously. He spent the summer in Chaillot near Paris currently in the Trocadero area. On the way to Bois de Boulogne, he stopped at the Zaleskis from the village of Passy.

    Doctor Jean Cruveilhier diagnosed the last stage of tuberculosis and recommended rest [recently the hypothesis that Chopin suffered from cystic fibrosis has been meeting with growing interest]. Terrified Fryderyk wrote to sister Ludwika asking her to come with her husband and the fourteen year old daughter, Ludwika. On 7 th October, the agony began. Chopin decided to confess, received Communion and the final anointing.

    On 15 th October, Delfina Potocka arrived and sang for Chopin upon his request. Franchomme and Marcelina Czartoryska started playing Sonata for cello and piano , but they had to stop, as the patient felt very sick.

    Teofil Kwiatkowski was painting a picture of Chopin with his sister and friends. Marcelina Czartoryska, Solange, Gutmann, and others, stayed by his bedside. Fryderyk died on 17 th October at 2 a. An official funeral took place on 30 th October in St. Madeleine Church. It was led by Prince Adam Czartoryski and Meyerbeer. His music remained as his legacy. Author: Irena Poniatowska. AM, November It is not enough for a man to live, what he needs is fate — Camus The fate provided Chopin with the stigma of genius.

    First music attempts Music played constantly at the house of Chopin. When he was graduating from university in at the age of nineteen , Elsner gave him the following evaluation: Fryderyk Chopin — exceptional aptitude, a musical genius. Warsaw paths The prodigy was admired by the socialites and treated like a mascot. Concerts in F minor and E minor Encouraged by the achievements in Vienna, he started composing his first Piano Concerto in F minor , then first etudes, waltzes, and in — nocturnes.

    The reviews were incredibly positive — Poles have been fortunate to have Chopin, just like Germans had Mozart. Witwicki immediately announced in Powszechny Dziennik Krajowy on 25 th September: It is a work of genius. In Paris On 5 th October, , he found himself in Paris — en passant , so to say, and stayed there until the end of his life. European journeys Chopin also became a popular piano teacher.